About Us

Every pickle has its story and in this one respect, Jerry’s Almost Pickles is no different than the others.

It was love at first site when Jerry met Bianca back in 2010. Jerry’s Almost Pickles was nothing more than a twinkle in their eyes. A few years later, they married and have been inseparable ever since. They settled into life in Hollywood, where they have a movie production company together.

Life was good, but still, something was missing. Could it have been the irresistible taste of the perfect pickle?

With Jerry’s Korean ancestry and Bianca’s Arabic and Filipino roots, they were used to a lot of strong and satisfying flavors in their foods. They both love pickles, but couldn’t find one that really hit the mark with just the right amount and blend of natural spices.

Jerry and Bianca are long-time fitness enthusiasts and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. They are also both foodies, love to travel and try new restaurants, and come from families of chefs and restaurant owners. Bianca even attended culinary school and both love to browse farmers markets and create recipes at home.

It was this shared love for innovative culinary creations and healthy living that led them to create the perfect natural condiment at home, tasty enough to tickle their taste buds, and flavorful enough to go with a variety of foods.

When they entertained, friends and family raved about the homemade pickles and begged for jars of their own. They decided to share their pickle creation with the rest of the world. The result was Jerry’s Almost Pickles.

They have been working on getting Jerry’s Almost Pickles into people’s refrigerators ever since. And to satisfy their greater need to give back to others, Jerry’s Almost Pickles donates 10% of the proceeds to World Vision, so that children in need and their communities around the globe may live a higher quality of life with safe water, adequate food and the chance at an education.

Our Mission Statement: With proceeds from your pickle purchase, we will help feed starving people all over the world, one jar at a time.